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Toshiba India’s MD talks about India-Japan relations and his vision
Excerpts from an exclusive interview with Mr. Tomohiko Okada, MD, Toshiba India


Mr. Tomohiko Okada

MD, Toshiba India Pvt. Ltd.

Q 1. Japan plays an important role in the transformation of India. What are your thoughts on the India-Japan relationship?

India and Japan have always been close allies. In 2007, both governments held “Japan-India Exchange Year” to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Cultural Agreement, while the year 2012 marked the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and India.

India's stable development and conducive business environment has helped the expansion of economic cooperation between Japan and India into the private sector. The trade volume between the two countries and the number of Japanese companies operating in India has increased manifold over the last decade.

Both PM Shinzo Abe and PM Narendra Modi have further strengthened the India-Japan strategic economic partnership and are promoting Japanese companies' investment into India. At Toshiba, we are determined to contribute to the development of both India and Japan.

Q 2. Do you see this relationship reflecting in Toshiba’s operations as a Japanese company in India?

Toshiba’s relationship with India dates back to over 50 years. Being one of the larger geographic territories and its unique position that serves as a gateway to countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa, Toshiba identified India as a hub for its manufacturing operations and export base with an aim to ‘Make-in-India’ and ‘Export-from-India’.

In India, Toshiba is focusing on sustainable B2B fields like Power Systems, Water Treatment, Railway Systems, Elevators, and Batteries, to continue to support and contribute to Government of India’s initiatives.

Q 3. Can you elaborate Toshiba’s focus on its Make-in-India strategy?

Long before the Government of India’s initiative, Toshiba established India as its global manufacturing base and an export hub. In line with this strategy, Toshiba group is on track with the Rs. 3,000 crore investment in India since 2013 and employs over 9,000 people in India.

Today, we have multiple manufacturing and marketing bases in India for high quality power generation, high-efficiency energy transmission and distribution, long-lasting and energy efficient electrical equipment for railway systems.

To manufacture and market super-critical steam turbine generators for thermal power plants in India, Toshiba set up its manufacturing facility in Chennai under the name – Toshiba JSW Power Systems (TJPS). Achieving a significant milestone in our ‘Make-in-India’ endeavour, TJPS recently shipped its first large-scale generation system manufactured and assembled with locally procured parts and systems, and tested in India. In addition, TJPS is also supporting the “Skill India” initiative by establishing a Welding Training school to impart free of charge training to Industrial Training Institute (ITI) students.

Tapping the Transmission & Distribution (T&D) business in India, Toshiba Corporation established Toshiba Transmission and Distribution Systems (India) in 2013 in Hyderabad. Toshiba further reinforced its T&D business in India by expanding capacity and introducing new manufacturing lines.

In April 2016, Toshiba set up a new manufacturing line for production of electrical equipment for railway systems that manufactures power conversion systems and train control systems that provide overall operation management.

With our ‘Make-in-India’ strategy, Toshiba will contribute to the development of Power and Infrastructure sectors with its experience, expertise and technology innovation FOR THE NEXT INDIA.

Q 4. How is Toshiba contributing to the government’s ‘Clean India’ campaign?

To reduce environmental pollution, Government of India has undertaken many initiatives such as Swachh Bharat, Clean Ganga, etc. Today, water pollution and scarcity impacts the live of every Indian.

Toshiba Group, which is Japan’s leading manufacturer of electrical system for Water Supply and Sewerage facilities for over 40 years, through its subsidiary company UEM India, can develop water and sewage infrastructure, and offer comprehensive technologies ranging from planning to implementation to solve various water and environmental problems.

In India, UEM is currently focusing on three major verticals – Municipal, Industrial and Operation & Maintenance services. Toshiba and UEM will continue to contribute to the ‘Clean India’ initiative through establishment of sustainable water circulation systems and the realization of advanced environmentally sound communities FOR THE NEXT INDIA.

Q 5. How important is infrastructure development for India and how can Toshiba contribute to it?

Infrastructure development is pivotal to nation building. We believe that efficient transport system and building infrastructure are the two most important factors for India's progress.

With a pedigree of long experience and technology innovation, Toshiba can be a lead contributor to India's market for power conversion systems and train control systems. For this, Toshiba has established a new production facility in Hyderabad that manufactures electrical equipment for railway systems. Expected to commence production in April 2017, the new unit will manufacture power conversion systems and train control systems that provide overall operation management.

In the building infrastructure business, with an aim to provide world class, energy-efficient and safe vertical transportation systems, Toshiba formed a JV with Johnson Elevators to form Toshiba Johnson Elevators India (TJEI), which has become a dominant player in the premium elevator segment in India.

To consolidate its market position in the mid-to-low-rise segment, TJEI is customizing and designing products especially ‘Made for India‘. By combining Toshiba’s comprehensive technological infrastructure developed over 140 years of history with the its Indian partner – Johnson Lifts’ component manufacturing and distribution network, TJEI will offer innovative, state-of-the-art global product range, and will continue to contribute to the growth of industries FOR THE NEXT INDIA.

Q 6. How do you visualize the evolution of India to THE NEXT INDIA?

We expect India to emerge as a dominant world power at the global stage with a strong infrastructure base. Our idea of the NEXT India and the BETTER India includes world class Energy Management infrastructure, strong and robust Transportation & Building infrastructure along with a Clean and Eco-friendly environment.

In the energy sector, Toshiba Group companies in India can offer a complete energy solution – from efficient high quality power generation and EMPCS (Engineering, Manufacturing, Procurement, Construction and Services) solutions, to optimum energy transmission & distribution solutions and reliable energy storage solutions. In the Social Infrastructure area that enhances quality of life, we offer a multitude of products and solutions including – water and wastewater management solutions, world class green elevator solutions for creating smarter buildings and electrical equipment for railways & transportation solutions.

Toshiba is creating values for a better life through its philosophy of “Committed to People. Committed to the Future.” Toshiba is committed to play a significant role and be a partner in India’s growth and development. Only by demonstrating real commitment and similar passion for India, only by walking side by side in camaraderie, only by being genuine and true can one reach the heart of the New India. At Toshiba, we want to be the power behind every great start in this country. Because it’s when technology meets life you’re empowered to unleash your full potential. “Toshiba – FOR THE NEXT INDIA” is our brand promise in India and we want to deliver this commitment through our innovative technologies and expertise in the key energy systems & solutions and infrastructure systems & solutions areas.