Whistle Blower Policy

Whistle Blower Policy

Toshiba India Private Limited Whistleblowing System

1. Introduction
The objectives of the Whistleblowing System of Toshiba India Private Limited (❛Company❜) is to promote a fair, accountable, ethical, and professional work environment. The Whistleblowing System Policy enables whistleblowers to report various corporate and ethical irregularities and misconducts within the Company. The Policy also enables the Company to rectify any issues reported in a transparent and credible manner while protecting the whistleblowers from adverse treatment.

2. Whistleblowing Procedure
Whistleblowers can report events within the scope of reporting which are as follows: Violations or suspected violations of laws, regulations, social norms, corporate ethics, internal rules, and so on; engagement or suspected engagement in conduct prohibited by the Toshiba Group Standards of Conduct. Whistleblowers who can use this Policy may be any officer/director, employee, customer, vendor, service provider, consultant, distributor, etc. of the Company or any other concerned third party (❛Whistleblower❜). Whistleblowers willing to report an event within the scope of reporting may contact the Chief Risk Officer at the email i.d. compliance@toshiba-india.com (❛Contact Point❜). The Contact Point will receive reports, inform the Administration Office (❛the Office❜) of the reports it receives, and contact the Whistleblowers, if necessary.

3. Reporting Obligations
Whistleblower may make reports anonymously, if they wish and must call or an email the Contact Point. When a Whistleblower reports an event, they must separate the objective and rational grounds from the implications of such grounds. The Whistleblower must not report ambiguous information such as rumours to be objective facts or use misleading expressions. Whistleblowers must not make false reports, and report events solely to benefit themselves or to abuse or defame someone. The Office will arrange to execute ❝Non-Disclosure Agreement❞ with the Whistleblower to safeguard reported information and proper investigation. Whistleblowers must cooperate with the investigation, including but not limited to, by responding to interviews and submitting supplies provided by the Company (such as documents and PCs), if requested to do so.

4. Whistleblower Protections
The Company will not adversely treat the Whistleblower in any way as a result of the report, unless the Whistleblower report events solely to benefit themselves or to abuse or defame any person. The Company will not disclose to any third party any information related to identification of Whistleblower except required by public authorities and endeavor to prevent the identification of the Whistleblower, unless the consent is obtained from the Whistleblower.

5. Contact Point
Whistleblowers willing to report an event within the scope of reporting should inform to compliance@toshiba-india.com.