Hydroelectric Power

Hydroelectric Power

Hydro Power Systems Division, Toshiba India Private Limited

Ever-increasing demand for energy has turned the spotlight on one of the most environmentally-friendly, sustainable forms of power production – hydroelectric power. Toshiba is the first Manufacturer of hydroelectric generating equipment for electric utility in Japan. Toshiba has been manufacturing hydraulic turbines and generators for nearly 120 years and is a leading supplier with installations around the world. Through a rigorous quality assurance program, Toshiba’s two hydraulic turbine/generator manufacturing facilities – one in Japan, the other in China – supply high-performance, highly reliable turbines, generators for installations ranging from the smallest to the largest.

Hydro PowerToshiba, a global name for state-of-art-technology and super-efficiency, is elaborately involved in diverse aspect of hydro plant designing and construction. Toshiba supplies equipment like hydraulic turbines, hydraulic generators, balance of plants (BoPs) like control systems, transformers, switch gears, and does installation and commissioning work. Toshiba is also intensively involved in turnkey projects in India which require contractor’s strong leadership for successful project completion. Toshiba already boasts of a galaxy of highly successful projects in the country all operating smoothly for years, much beyond their life expectancy.
Due to such extraordinary longevity, Toshiba-designed plants also happen to be among the world’s most cost-effective in operation. And this factor is of decisive importance in a country like India, where it is essential to produce power at the cheapest possible rates.

The company's dedication to excellence has ensured that TOSHIBA is world leader both in conventional and pumped storage power stations.

Hydroelectric Project(HEP) References in India

  • Umiam-1 HEP (Megharaya) , 4 x 10.5MW (1965)
  • River Bed HEP (Gujarat), 6 x 200MW (2006)
  • Purulia PSPP (West Bengal), 4 x 225MW (2008)
  • Teesta-V HEP (Sikkim), 3 x 170MW (2008)
  • Koldam HEP (Himachal), 4 x 200MW (2015)



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