The basic commitment of the Toshiba Group is, "Committed to People, Committed to the Future." We have an unwavering drive to make and do things that lead to a better world.

Climate Change

It seems that with every passing year, climate change generates more extreme weather phenomena, and has ever greater impacts on society and the economy.

Thankfully, all is not lost. There is still a chance to manage this global climate crisis. If we do the right thing, we can steer a recovery towards a more sustainable and inclusive path.

We are very aware of the challenges this vast and dynamic country must deal with. Along with countering climate change, India is also promoting measures to handle air and water pollution as urbanization and industrialization advance, and to build a sustainable economy as its population grows.

India is also the home and headquarters of Toshiba Water Solutions, which provides water treatment and wastewater solutions worldwide. Under the Indian government's “Clean Ganga” initiative, Toshiba is involved in projects in three states, for the construction of nine sewage treatment plants. We are dedicated to the creation of sustainable water environment in India. To facilitate rapid urbanization in India, Toshiba is a leading company providing safe, energy-efficient, world-class elevators, and air-conditioning solutions that support sustainable urban development. India has pledged to mitigate its carbon footprint under the Paris Agreement. And in Japan, Prime Minister Suga has announced the aim of realizing a carbon-neutral, carbon-free society by 2050.

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Sustainable Society | Sustainability

The United Nations has also drawn up a roadmap to the future in the form of the Sustainable Development Goals, a universal call to action for sustainable development, and a global blueprint for prosperity for people and the planet.

Toshiba working towards realizing a Sustainable Society

We will achieve our goal by expanding investment in energy-saving equipment and the use of renewable energy, leveraging our technologies to create products and services that contribute to greenhouse gas reductions, and promoting businesses that involve climate change adaptation measures.

Towards advancing environmental management, we last month announced Toshiba Group’s Environmental Future Vision 2050. This is an update to the environmental vision that we introduced in 2007. By halving greenhouse gas emissions throughout our value chain by 2030, compared to 2019, we will contribute to worldwide efforts to realize net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

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