Air Conditioning

For the past 30 years, Toshiba has invested heavily and worked hard to maintain its position as a leader in the airconditioning market and the quality of products continue to differentiate Toshiba from other manufacturers.

Toshiba is one of the first brands to bring the inverter revolution in India and has long been respected for its technologically advanced, energy-efficient airconditioning solutions. With continuous product innovation and channel partners, Toshiba has been growing rapidly in the airconditioning business.

Toshiba Air Conditioning milestone:

  • 1930 Developed Japan's first Hermetic compressor for Refrigeration use.
  • 1935 Started manufacturing Air Conditioners.
  • 1961 Introduced the world's first split Air Conditioners.
  • 1978 Introduced the world's first microprocessor controlled Air Conditioners.
  • 1981 Introduced the world's first residential Inverter Air conditioners.
  • 1993 Introduced the world’s first twin – rotary Inverter Air Conditioners.
  • 1998 Introduced Japan's first R410A (eco-friendly) refrigerant based residential Air Conditioners
  • 2001 Introduced Japan's first R410a (eco-friendly) refrigerant based Light Commercial Air Conditioners

Products and Services

Airconditioning business of Toshiba is operated by Toshiba Carrier, the global joint venture between Carrier Corporation US and Toshiba, founded in 1999. In India its business is through sales company of Carrier India, “Carrier Airconditioning & Refrigeration”.