Building Solutions-Elevators

Toshiba is committed to providing world-class building solutions in India for a new day

India is shifting from an agrarian economy to an industrialized economy. Today, it ranks as the world’s fifth-largest economy, with a GDP of USD 2.9 trillion. Rapid industrialization and modernization are behind the migration from villages to large cities, driving urbanization forward. In fact, India is urbanizing fast, and 53% of people are expected to live in cities by 2050.

Japan went through a similar transition in the 1960s, which saw large-scale construction of modern buildings as the foundation for a comfortable urban life. Toshiba has long been a leader in facilitating this urban growth by providing building solutions that are safe and reliable.

Today, Toshiba is drawing on this experience to offer India building solutions— elevators that will support fast-changing urban lives. Shuichi Ito, Managing Director, Toshiba India Private Limited, explains how. "Our extensive experience helps us to understand the needs of Indian customers and to support the realization of the Government of India's vision. We are utilizing the comprehensive technologies Toshiba has developed over the years to provide India with safe, world-class elevators."

Elevator Solutions

Toshiba Johnson Elevator India (TJEI) offers a line-up of safe, reliable, high-speed elevators that are environmentally sound. TJEI has an enviable record of zero accidents and has supplied elevators with a high speed of 6m/sec.

Within a short span, TJEI has booked 3,800 unit sales and won a number of marquee projects. Among them is the Surat Diamond Bourse, where TJEI will install 128 premium elevators with Destination Control System for seamless traffic handling. TJEI was also part of an iconic project developed by DLF, The Camellias, Gurgaon, where the company installed 40 units of its flagship product, ELCOSMO – III.

Acting on its determination to deliver quality products, TJEI established its Training Centre & Distribution Centre in Chennai, which will further enhance the competence and expertise of the field engineers responsible for elevator sales, installation, and maintenance.know more