Toshiba's Commitment to Advanced Infrastructure FOR THE NEXT INDIA

Infrastructure serves as the pedestal upon which economic growth is built. Physical and Social Infrastructure covering transportation, power, water supply, sanitation, sewage disposal, and urban infrastructure, facilitates growth and has a direct impact on the quality of life. No nation develops without investing in infrastructure and indeed, this is the reason why the Government of India (GoI) has formulated a deliberate strategy to make significant investments in infrastructure that will enable faster economic growth and development.

In India, many infrastructure projects along with initiatives like ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, and ‘Make in India’, are driving public private partnerships (PPPs) for financial assistance and technology sharing. Some of the biggest examples of this PPP are the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor and the High Speed Rail (HSR) also known as the bullet train project, which are being built with assistance from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), along with an additional Rs. 6,000 crore loan to India for procuring 200 electric locomotives for Western Dedicated Freight Corridor (WDFC).

Many initiatives by the Government like affordable housing under ‘Housing for All’, the planned investment of Rs 67,523 crore towards urban development in Maharashtra, will also drive the demand for vertical transportation system in India.

Today, many Japanese organizations like Toshiba Corporation are working with India and with the assistance of Official Development Assistance (ODA) from the Government of Japan they are playing a key role in GoI’s overall push to create a ‘New India’. Carrying forward the pedigree of strong bilateral trade relations between India and Japan, the Japanese Government is closely working with the Government of India to further boost the strong trade relationship.

Toshiba is working towards creating a robust infrastructure FOR THE NEXT INDIA

Toshiba at the core of its business has always been an Infrastructure company. We have identified India as a hub for our manufacturing operations and export base with an aim to “Make in India and Export from India”, and are focusing on key pillars of the Social Infrastructure area that enhances the quality of life. Toshiba offers a multitude of products and solutions including – Railway Systems in Transport Infrastructure, Elevators, water and waste treatment solutions in Building Infrastructure, Postal Automation Systems and Banknote Processing Systems in Security & Automation, Battery solutions and Water and Wastewater Management services to continue to support and contribute to Government of India’s initiatives.

Toshiba through its Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and technologies can help in achieving the Prime Minister’s vision of a New India. Toshiba’s ITS solutions can capture and disseminate information about highway traffic in real time making commute on Indian highways safer and faster. Implementation of Automated Traffic Management System on Highway projects in India would also enable in achieving reduction of traffic congestion, bridging infrastructure gaps and seamless connectivity to ports and logistic hubs.

Toshiba Wastewater Solutions for a sustainable infrastructure


Toshiba is Japan’s leading water treatment solution company, with experience in manufacturing electrical systems for over 40 years. In 2015, Toshiba acquired a majority stake in UEM India turning it into a Toshiba Group company. Combining Toshiba's technology and innovation with UEM’s core competence in key areas, today UEM India provides complete, single-source services from engineering and design to construction and installation with full responsibility on performance-guaranteed water, wastewater and domestic waste treatment facilities.

UEM offers multiple modern technologies like UASB (Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket) technology, High Efficiency Clarifier, Ozone Generator System, ZLD (Zero liquid Discharge) using HERO (High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis), etc. With the synergy between Toshiba and UEM, Toshiba is committed to the mission of 'Clean India'.

Transport Infrastructure


Toshiba, with over 115 years of R&D in railway technology, has worked to improve every requirement of railway transportation, such as environment adaptation, safety, punctuality, comfort and reliability. In April 2016, Toshiba set up a new manufacturing line in Hyderabad for production of electrical equipment for railway systems that manufactures power conversion systems and train control systems. With its advanced energy-saving solutions, Toshiba promotes technologies that contribute to reducing electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emission, leading to an improved city environment.

For the green intercity travel, Toshiba holds significant experience in delivering a high-speed rail system in Japan with its electrical and electronic systems for the high speed-rail, including power supply system and electrical equipment for rolling stock. Toshiba has a unique potential to play a role in realizing India's plan for high-speed rail projects.

The future for green transport infrastructure, especially the intra-city transport will make way for the adoption of electric vehicles (EV). Toshiba with its battery technology can help achieve in jumpstarting progress towards the Government of India’s vision of 100% EVs by 2030.

Building Infrastructure


For supporting building infrastructure, Toshiba Johnson Elevators (India) Pvt. Ltd. (TJEI) is customizing and designing products especially ‘Made for India’. With Toshiba’s comprehensive technological infrastructure developed over 140 years of history, TJEI will offer innovative state-of-the-art global product range.

In India, TJEI is focusing on two segments – one, the premium and luxury segment where TJEI has already established itself as a significant player; and two, the ever-growing mid-rise buildings of the Indian real estate market – the mid-sized office and commercial spaces and residential condominiums, where TJEI will further consolidate its market position in the upper middle segment with products 'Made-for-India'.

With our commitment to provide safe and efficient vertical transportation through its innovative, state-of-the-art global product range, TJEI endeavours to contribute to the 'Growth of Urbanization'.

We at Toshiba, stand committed for the development of Power and Infrastructure sectors through our Japanese technology and expertise, and to contribute to the growth of industries FOR THE NEXT INDIA.