Digital Solutions for Energy Sector

The shift to digital is advancing in every business field, making efficient, accurate data process possible. The way business is done in power plants will also change. Various types of data must be utilized to boost the asset value of equipment and facilities in all aspects.

Toshiba Group has identified the digital evolution (DE), digital transformation (DX), and quantum transformation (QX) strategy to respond to changes in the coming digital economy in its new management policy announced on June 2, 2022.

The Group will firstly pursue DE thoroughly, in activities that use digital technology to improve value chains. This will create an environment on the basis of software defined, enhancing delivery of services and realize recurring business. That will be followed by DX, the stage of building platforms based on DE. The Group will move further forward with QX, a quantum world where platforms are connected across industries.

Evolution of the digital economy

Drawing on over 150 years of knowhow and expertise, Toshiba has a wide range of industrial IoT (IIoT) services line-up to support energy, infrastructure, manufacturing and logistic industries. These services are now showcased on Toshiba SPINEX Marketplace, Toshiba's IIoT service portal.

Toshiba's solutions to support digital transformation in energy sector include failure prediction and performance monitoring in power plants; AI-based energy management system for stable renewable power supply; and virtual power plant for a more efficient energy supply and use in daily life.

Watch to learn more: DX by Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation
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Reinforcing the Spine of India's Energy Infrastructure

In India, Toshiba is ready to promote digital transformation in energy sector through its subsidiary, Toshiba JSW Power Systems (Toshiba JSW). Toshiba JSW is a long standing partner to India's evolving energy demands and others high quality maintenance services to thermal plants. Now its focus is to implement state-of-art technologies and processes to maintain, renovate, and modernise existing thermal plants.

Mr. Takehiko Matsushita, appointed as Managing Director of Toshiba JSW in July 2022 has pledged to provide world-class maintenance services to thermal power plants in India, and contribute to India's increasing energy demand while keep in mind environmental considerations. Before the appointment, Mr. Matsushita has led the acquisition of EtaPROTM business from US's GP Strategies Corporation in 2021. He is now ready to proudly introduce this solution to India.

“EtaPROTM is an effective digital solution for 'preventive maintenance' to modernize thermal plants. Generating stably and efficiently and avoiding energy loss from device breakdowns or power plant shutdowns helps to reduce CO2 emissions. We at Toshiba JSW are excited about the possibility to contribute to India through providing advanced digital IoT solutions like EtaPROTM for the thermal plants in India.”

In addition, Toshiba JSW provides Carbon Dioxide Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) solution, which helps to separate and capture CO2 from its source, such as thermal power plants. The captured CO2 can later be used in a different form for a different purpose. Toshiba JSW is committed to help improve and modernize Indian thermal power sector, resulting in transition towards a carbon neutral society.

Aligned with its philosophy "Committed to People, Committed to the Future.", Toshiba will continue to harness the power of data and maximize its potential to take on the challenge of achieving carbon neutrality and a circular economy for a new day.

Behind the scene: Toshiba's acquisition of EtaPROTM