Indispensable Need For Vertical Mobility

Increasing urbanization, growing demand for high rise buildings and government’s thrust on infrastructure in tier II & III cities has put the elevator market in India on a high growth trajectory. Several schemes have been initiated by the Government of India (GoI) for infrastructure sector like affordable housing under ‘Housing for All’, the planned investment towards urban development in Maharashtra etc. will further drive the demand for vertical transportation system in India. Though at a nascent stage, Indian market is still the second largest in the World. In 2016, the Indian elevator/escalator market was at approx. 68,000 units and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8~9% crossing the 100,000 mark by 2021.

Toshiba Elevators: Building A New Tomorrow

Mr. Junichi Kyushima Managing Director Toshiba Johnson Elevators (India) Pvt. Ltd

Keeping pace with the growing consumer tastes and technological advances, Toshiba Johnson Elevators India Private Limited (TJEI) has expanded its product portfolio to cover all spectrums of the market – from premium to upper-middle elevator market. Toshiba Johnson Elevators India Private Limited (here after TJEI) has already established its foothold in all the metro cities of India and has been associated with major construction houses. Toshiba, along with its JV partner Johnson Lifts Pvt. Ltd., customized and designed a product especially ‘Made for India’ – ELCOSMO-TJ that is not only competitive in cost, but also has a shorter delivery turnaround of three months.

Toshiba elevators come with a host of innovative technologies that focus on passenger safety, riding comfort, noise control, and energy conservation.

“Since inception, TJEI has registered better than the industry growth year-on-year and is well placed to cater to all segments of the growing Indian elevator market — from the premium segment to the upper-to mid segment. Continuing our growth trajectory, we will continue to consolidate our market share in our targeted segment.”

To match the architectural structure and design preference of the customers, Toshiba provides bespoke car/hall finishes and numerous lighting options that complement the grandeur envisioned by the architects/clients. Using its advanced smart cabin interior decoration software, TJEI assists its clients to visualize numerous combinations of finishes and fixtures for car/hall before the elevators are put into manufacturing. Moreover, the clients also get to choose the option of bare elevator car, allowing them the freedom of designing bespoke car interiors which can perfectly suit with the architectural design of their building.

Toshiba Elevators: Rising Into The Future Technology


With rapid urbanisation, high disposable incomes and increasing number of population migrating to metro cities, has given a tremendous boost to cities growing taller. There is an advent of high-rise structures and requirement of high speed and large capacity elevators is critical to have a smooth and efficient people traffic management. World-wide Toshiba is renowned for its ultra-high-speed elevators having speed of 1,010 meters per minute at one of the tallest structures, TAIPEI101 in Taiwan. In India Toshiba has delivered one of the fastest elevators that can travel at 6 meters per second, installed at one of the most premium locations in Mumbai. Newest to the list of technological advancement is the Remote Monitoring System [RMS] used to continuously observe the performance of the elevators at a centralized monitoring centre. TJEI uses its RMS to remotely supervise the statuses of its elevators and supervise the condition of the main components, foresee any faults that may cause a breakdown and detect the reason of it instantly. Using this technology, the down time caused due to elevator breakdown can be reduced substantially as the building owners are pre-informed when a particular key component needs to be repaired or replaced. In a RMS powered elevator, clients will experience less down time and more efficient up time.

With an augmented focus on made-for-India products, TJEI will set up a multipurpose facility that will act as a design centre, training centre, and distribution & service centre, among other roles. TJEI will also introduce advanced technology services that will cover the Tier I and major Tier II cities, and create more employment opportunities in the markets in which it operates. With its commitment to provide safe and efficient vertical transportation through its innovative, state-of-the-art global product range, TJEI endeavours to contribute to the growth of urbanization FOR THE NEXT INDIA.


  • India is one of the biggest growth prospects for Toshiba Johnson Elevators India.
  • Latest Product offering is ELCOSMO-TJ, a Made-for-India series.
  • Toshiba has a legacy of providing most advanced engineering solutions
  • Toshiba’s advanced remote monitoring system (RMS) is designed to deliver efficient and rapid response for all field service operations.
  • Toshiba emphasizes on environmental conservation all the time.