Toshiba celebrates India's 77th Independence Day and completion of its 60 Years in India

As India continues towards unprecedented growth and economic rise, Toshiba looks back at its contribution in the last 60 years and reiterates its commitment to India for a new day.

We are pleased to present a special edition of our newsletter, as we commemorate two significant milestones in unison: the joyous celebration of India’s 77th Independence Day and Toshiba’s extraordinary 60-year journey in India. This convergence of milestones highlights the remarkable growth of Toshiba in India, and also embodies the spirit of progress and partnership that defines our presence in this incredible nation.

Message from Mr. Shuichi Ito, Managing Director, Toshiba India Private Limited

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India is presently the world's fifth-largest economy and is poised to soon become the third largest. With the government’s strategy for economic development and a focus on sustainable development, India is primed for ‘Green Growth’. Aligned with the country’s COP27 commitments and the updated Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), the government has accelerated the pace of sustainable development. With a rich heritage of almost 150 years of continuous innovation and technological excellence, Toshiba is in a unique position to support India in realizing its goals for sustainable growth.

Toshiba has been an integral part of India's socio-economic fabric for 60 years. Since early stages of energy generation to the green energy and last mile connectivity focus now, Toshiba has been a reliable partner in India’s quest for sustainable energy security. From the Umiam-I hydroelectric power project in Meghalaya in 1965 to the Harduaganj 660 MW EPC power project in 2022, Toshiba played a vital role in enhancing India's energy generation capacity. In line with India’s green energy goals, Toshiba has now expanded its business to offer advanced IoT solutions like EtaPROTM which is an effective digital solution for 'preventive maintenance' to modernize thermal plants and Carbon Dioxide Capture solution which helps to capture CO2 from its source, such as thermal power plants.

In the Transmission & Distribution (T&D) sector Toshiba is committed to contributing to the realization of carbon neutrality and a greener India. To support the transition towards renewable energy and combat climate change, we have been supplying our clients with a wide range of high-quality, reliable and efficient transmission and distribution equipment, including Gas-Insulated Switchgear (GIS) technology. The Outdoor GIS technology wherever applied mitigates risks of cost and time overruns, in addition to alleviating safety risks.

In the Infrastructure sector, Toshiba’s association with India dates back to 1965 when it supplied electric locomotives to Indian National Railways. Today, Toshiba supports India’s ambitious Green Mobility initiatives through its automotive lithium-ion battery – SCiBTM rechargeable battery, contributing to improved fuel consumption efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions.

Toshiba also contributes to the Clean Ganga initiative and so far Toshiba has constructed a total of 10 sewage treatment plants across 3 states (Uttar Pradesh, Bihar & Jharkhand), with a total installed capacity of 181 million litres per day (MLD). To support rapid urbanization in India, Toshiba offers a wide range of high-speed, safe and comfortable elevators.

Toshiba Group Companies in India

One of the driving forces behind our success in India is our diverse portfolio of Toshiba Group companies operating across the country. These companies play a pivotal role in our growth story, establishing themselves as leaders in their respective domains.

Business Leaders of Toshiba Group Companies in India

First Row Left to Right: Mr. Hiroaki Kobayashi, CMD, Toshiba Water; Mr. Shuichi Ito, MD, TIPL; Mr. Katsuhiko Sato, MD, TJEI.
Second Row Left to Right: Mr. Kazuhiro Kamimura, MD, TPSC; Mr. Ramdas Baliga, MD, TSIP; Mr. Takehiko Matsushita, MD, Toshiba JSW; Mr. Hiroshi Furuta, CMD, TTDI.

Toshiba India Private Limited (TIPL) : Toshiba India has been contributing towards India's sustainable development by providing hydroelectric power solutions, railway systems, SCiBTM rechargeable batteries and security & automation products. In 2022, Toshiba India signed an agreement with EVage, a key supplier for zero-emissions electric commercial vans, to supply its SCiB™ cells for 10,000 EVage electric commercial vehicles. The adoption of Toshiba’s SCiBTM cells in commercial transportation vehicles, Robotics and Automation, and offshore backup systems, further exemplify our commitment to sustainable innovation.

Toshiba JSW Power Systems Private Limited (Toshiba JSW): Toshiba JSW has been contributing to India’s energy security and sustainability by implementing state-of-art technologies and processes in maintenance, renovation, and modernization of thermal plants. Toshiba JSW is actively pursuing business for supply of solutions and services in power plants by offering Cyber Physical Systems and IoT as a service and these solutions improve the efficiency and reliability of power generating assets.

“EtaPROTM is an effective digital solution for ‘preventive maintenance’ to modernize thermal plants. Our modern high-precision machines and fabrication facilities are perfectly suited for manufacturing, assembly, and testing of large-sized precision components for Thermal Power and other industries. Our team of experts is committed to delivering high-quality services tailored to our clients' specific needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.” – Mr. Takehiko Matsushita, MD, Toshiba JSW.

Toshiba Transmission and Distribution Systems (India) Private Limited (TTDI): TTDI is a leader in the T&D industry. Supporting the government’s “Make in India” initiative, TTDI designs, develops and manufactures T&D products such as power & inverter duty transformers, Gas Insulated Switchgears (GIS) in India. The Company recently received orders for GIS for outdoor open air installation for Xeldem Substation in Goa and Pooling Stations for Solar and Wind for Renewable Project schemes in Andhra Pradesh. The GIS equipment are under advanced stages for their delivery to the project sites.

“At TTDI, we are committed to contributing to the realization of carbon neutrality and a greener India. To support the transition towards renewable energy and combat climate change, we have been supplying our clients with a wide range of high-quality, reliable and efficient transmission and distribution equipment, including GIS. Through our efforts, we aim to support the realization of carbon neutrality and a cleaner, greener future for generations to come, while also contributing to India's energy security and economic growth.” – Mr. Hiroshi Furuta, CMD, TTDI.

Toshiba Water Solutions Private Limited (Toshiba Water): Toshiba Water provides complete, single-source services from engineering, design to construction, installation and O&M of water and wastewater treatment facilities. From brining new technology like large-scale Ozone Treatment System that were delivered at one of the largest-scale ozonation systems for a water treatment plant in India, to an active contributor to the government’s ‘Clean Ganga’ initiative, Toshiba Water is supporting India’s quest to build sustainable water and wastewater infrastructure.

“By leveraging our water treatment solutions and technologies cultivated through years of development and extensive experience in overseas EPC and O&M projects, Toshiba Water is committed to contribute to sustainable water recycling systems in India, to turn on the promise of a new day. Toshiba Water recently received contracts for Sewage Treatment Plants in Bengaluru, entailing Upgradation, Rehabilitation and O&M Services.” – Mr. Hiroaki Kobayashi, CMD, Toshiba Water.

Toshiba Software India Private Limited (TSIP): TSIP creates state-of-art products & software solutions by leveraging technologies like AI/ML, IoT, Cloud solutions, Embedded Software & Systems Development, Application Development, Software Testing, Data Science and ERP Solutions across multiple domains.

“Digital transformation with agility can accelerate India’s economic growth by introducing automation into all spheres of products and services. As a result, India is expected to remain the fastest-growing economy for the next decades. We at TSIP are focused on Digital technology solutions with agility to create a better world and a sustainable future for people and our planet.” – Mr. Ramdas Baliga, MD, TSIP.

Toshiba Johnson Elevators India Private Limited (TJEI): TJEI is India's leading elevator company that provides world-class, energy-efficient and safe vertical transportation systems in the Indian elevator & escalator market. Today, TJEI has operations in 18 states in India with more than 300 renowned customers, and recently installed 60 high-speed elevators at Tulip Monsella residential complex in Gurugram and 128 high-capacity elevators at M/s. Invreco.

“Through our Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) of local demand, TJEI is building a sustainable future by focusing on developing products that support modern life and society and are in harmony with the environment. Harnessing the full range of Toshiba’s technological innovations, we aim to enhance the delight of our customers in our products and win their complete trust in Toshiba elevators.” – Mr. Katsuhiko Sato, MD, TJEI.

TPSC (INDIA) Private Limited TPSC(I): TPSC(I) was established and registered in India in December 1998 as a Company wholly owned by Toshiba Plant Systems & Services Corporation (TPSC), Japan under the flagship of Toshiba Corporation. TPSC(I) has successfully executed various Thermal Power Projects (Gas & Coal base), Hydro Power Projects, Industrial Projects, and Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) & O&M businesses in India and abroad for Government and IPP Customers. Also, it executes the AMC of large Hydro Projects like the 4X225MW Purulia Pumped Storage Project for WBSEDCL and 4X250MW Tehri Power Projects for THDC India, and O&M Services for 3X7.5MW Upper Balephi Small Hydro Project in Nepal. TPSC(I) is also supporting TAES Columbia for Prado Hydro Electric Project, 1X6.87MW, for the supply of Horizontal Francis HydroTurbine, Generator, and other BOP Items.

“Presently TPSC(I) concentrates on the EPC business of small Hydro-Electric Power Projects in India and Nepal. It is noteworthy that the AMC services for Purulia Project(Vertical Francis) are being carried out since COD 2008 and even now the Project has achieved “All Time Highest Generation in FY 2022-23”. - Mr. Kazuhiro Kamimura, MD, TPSC.

By leveraging its expertise, advanced technology, and collaborative approach, Toshiba aims to further strengthen its relationship with India. Through sustained partnerships and a focus on innovation, Toshiba will remain to be a reliable and trusted partner for India, contributing to its sustainable growth and turn on the promise of a new day.



"I am glad to wish all Indians a very Happy Independence Day! I also feel fortunate to be working here when Indian economy is rapidly growing and will be a key contributor to global growth in coming years. This year is 60th year of Toshiba’s presence in India and we are determined to become trusted partner for India and contribute to sustained growth and success.

I would like to share with you that Toshiba group in India is making good progress in business expansion. In FY22, consolidated revenue of all Indian Toshiba Group companies grew almost by 50%. Toshiba can provide comprehensive solution to generate, transfer and store and smart use of energy, we are also experts in water management and a reliable partner of the government in its “Clean Ganga” initiative. Toshiba's SCiB™, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery ideal for hybrid vehicles, is receiving encouraging response from the industry and we are partnering up with major car company to support Indian Green mobility initiative.

Digital shift is advancing in every business field, making efficient, accurate data process possible. In order to respond to changes in the coming digital economy, Toshiba has identified the digital evolution (DE), digital transformation (DX), and quantum transformation (QX) strategy.

We need to achieve growth along with protecting environment. By integrating sustainability into our business goals, we will solve several problems caused by social challenges. Toshiba’s management philosophy is “Committed to People, Committed to the Future.” We believe we will contribute to a new better world. As we celebrate India’s great progress, I reiterate Toshiba’s commitment to work “For a new day”.