Water Governance: Blueprint To Tackle Water crisis


ISSUE 1: NOVEMBER - Water, although a finite resource, is grossly undervalued. This attitude towards water has resulted in water wastage, misallocation of water, and a lack of investments in developing water infrastructure and technologies that facilitate efficient water usage. Climate change propelled by the rapidly growing population and industrialization has brought ashore the imminent water crisis. Many urban and semi-urban cities across the world are grappling with water scarcity which has become even more variable and extreme. As we move towards economic growth, we not only pollute our available water at an alarming rate but also fail to treat it.

Already, less than 30% of the water released back in the rivers is somewhat treated – over 70% of wastewater flows completely untreated. Currently, around 18% of the river stretches in India are highly polluted, while 14% are mildly polluted, rendering about a third of the water in these rivers unfit for humans. Wastewater infrastructure is also under pressure owing to lack of future readiness and lack of modernization leading to inefficiencies.

The Missing Piece: What India Needs

At Toshiba Water Solutions (TWS), we firmly believe that contemporary technology can script the roadmap for availability and accessibility of clean water. Along with policies for reuse and recycling, emphasis needs to be on infrastructure, operations and institutions to adopt best possible international standards.


  1. Installation of Rapid Gravity Filter (RGF) at Majis
  2. Design Supply, and Installation of Wastewater Treatment Plant in Mestia
  3. Construction of wastewater treatment plant in Marneuli
  4. Operation, Maintenance & Management of Sewage Treatment System & Sewer network in Uttar Pradesh (Package-5, Gorakhpur)

Leveraging Technology: Toshiba Water Solutions for Clean Water

For over 40 years, Toshiba Group is Japan’s leading manufacturer of electrical system for water supply and sewerage facilities. Through its subsidiary company – Toshiba Water Solutions Private Limited (TWS), Toshiba can develop water and sewage infrastructure, and offer comprehensive technologies ranging from planning to implementation to solve various water and environmental problems. TWS is a leading water and wastewater treatment firm with over 4 decades of experience in providing design, turnkey and Operation & Maintenance services.

TWS provides a complete one-stop solution from design and engineering to construction, installation, operation and maintenance of water treatment facilities. Its proven track record of providing efficient and cost effective technologies to execute over 450 projects in 35 countries makes it a thought leader in the field of water and waste water management. With strong technical fundamentals and more than 650 highly skilled personnel who operate from offices in India, USA, Trinidad & Tobago, Oman and the Philippines, TWS specializes in executing Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Operation & Maintenance jobs for Effluent Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, Common Effluent Treatment Plant, Water Treatment Plant and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD).

TWS has a robust technology bank comprising of various owned and licensed technologies like the Ozone generator, ZLD using High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis, Anaerobic Biological Treatment, Activated Sludge Process, Sequential Batch Reactor etc. Its global design centre and in-house engineering capabilities allow it to offer optimum institutional knowledge along with the best CAPEX & OPEX ratio solution to achieve low cycle costs.

With its strong process knowledge and experience in constructing and operating the water treatment solutions, TWS can develop sustainable water infrastructure FOR A NEW DAY.


Marquee Projects


Client UPJN, Allahabad with the joint efforts of NMCG
Location Salori Allahabad, India
Start-up November 2014
Capacity Sewerage treatment: 14,000 m3/day
Plant Description The World Bank provides assistance to the National Ganga River Basin Authority (NGRBA) for abatement of pollution of the Ganges, as well as technical and financial support to the Government of India. The 14,000 m3/day sewerage treatment plant project in Salori Allahabad is the project supported by the World Bank. Design Build, Operate and Maintain (DBOM) and transfer of sewerage treatment plant including main pumping station, effluent pumping station, appurtenant structures in Salori Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.
Client Jharkhand Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation LTD ( JUIDCo)
Location Sahibganj (Jharkhand), India
Start-up April 2016
Capacity 7 & 5 MLD STP, Main Pumping Station (2 Nos) & Intermediate Pump Station (5 Nos)
Plant Description Two Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) of 05 & 07 MLD capacities, based on SBR Technology (Sequential Batch Reactor with Biological Nutrient Removal) and Sewerage Network of about 55 km length (trench less & open exaction methodology).


Client Majis Industrial Services SAOC
Location Sohar, Oman
Start-up September 2016
Capacity Central Effluent treatment & Recycle plant: 10,000m3 /day (phase1) Production of recycled water: 7,500m3/day
Plant Description Biological waste water treatment plant of 10,000m3 /day capacity and recycle plant (reverse osmosis) to produce 7,500m3 /day of process water with low TDS (less than 25ppm) effluent discharged from oil refinery and petroleum industry, urea & chemical industries, power and, methanol processing plants along with domestic sewage is being treated.

Operation & Maintenance (O&M)

Client Delhi Jal Board
Location Commonwealth Games Village , Akshardham , New Delhi
Capacity Waste Water Treatment: 4,540 m3/day
Plant Description Biological waste water treatment plant of 4,540 m3/day capacity based on MBR Technology (Suspended growth Activated Sludge system integrated with an Ultra Filtration membrane system). The Waste Water is re-cycled for re-use in toilet flushing in the flats of Akshardham complex and in AC chillers. "Green Building" concept with odour control units.