Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board awards an Order to SUEZ India & Toshiba Water Solutions for construction of Water Treatment Plant

5 Nov 2020 - Gurugram, India - Toshiba Water Solutions Private Limited (hereinafter TWS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation (hereinafter TISS), today announced receiving an order from Bangalore*1 Water Supply and Sewerage Board (hereinafter BWSSB) jointly with SUEZ India Pvt. Ltd. (hereafter SUEZ), an Indian subsidiary of Suez S.A, in France. The scope of work for the order entails procurement of Design, Construction, Commissioning of a 775 MLD*2 Water Treatment Plant (WTP) at T.K. Halli, Karnataka, with Seven (7) years of O&M*3 services. This project is part of Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewerage Project (Phase 3) (1) funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Mr. Takayuki Marume, Managing Director, TJPS said, "The COVID-19 crisis is the toughest trial humanity faces in decades. As the Government of India continues to address this outbreak, state governments are working along purposefully to ensure relief work. Through our humble contribution of INR 5lakhs to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister's Relief Fund in Uttar Pradesh, we stand in support of these efforts in every way possible. Additionally, we will also be contributing INR 5lakhs each to the CM Relief Funds in Haryana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Orissa."

Mr. Shyam J Bhan, CEO, SUEZ - APAC- India Region, said, "SUEZ is firmly positioned in India for over three decades and has built expertise aimed at helping the clients and cities manage water and sanitation for their residents. For this new contract for the city of Bengaluru, we thank BWSSB for their trust and confidence in us. Started way back in 1999 with the first WTP contract, and subsequently with two more projects in 2009 and 2015, and now 775 MLD, cumulatively we will scale it up to 2,350 MLD of safe drinking water for Bengaluru residents by 2023. We are also looking forward to Toshiba as a partner and jointly offer solutions that support the city in a long way."

Speaking on the win, Mr. Koichi Matsui, Chairman and Managing Director, Toshiba Water Solutions Private Limited said, "In line with Toshiba's commitment to contribute to the establishment of sustainable water systems and the creation of environmentally advanced communities in India and around the world, we are happy to collaborate with SUEZ to provide water treatment solutions that will help in the development of clean water infrastructure in Bengaluru. TWS engages in EPC*4 and O&M*3 businesses for public water supply and sewage treatment plants and industrial water treatment facilities around the world, including in India, North and Central Americas, the Middle East, West Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and elsewhere.

Based on our experiences and capability, we would like to provide our best solutions for this project to provide safe and reliable water supply into Bengaluru, the center of India's high tech industry."

SUEZ and TWS will design and construct the TK Halli Water Treatment Plant, which will be sourced from the Kaveri River, for supplying water to the Bengaluru metropolitan area, Karnataka in south India.

Rapid industrial development in Bengaluru has led to an increase in population and an expansion of the urban area. However, the water infrastructure has not kept pace with the continuing rise in the need for water, leading to a chronic shortage of water supply. The JICA's ODA project will develop water supply and sewerage facilities, encompassing water distribution to secure stable water supply to areas where water supply services are currently unavailable, including their surrounding areas that are rapidly being developed. The T.K. Halli Water Treatment Plant is expected to further vitalize Bengaluru's industry and improve water access of the community.

Notes to the editor: Note 1: Although the city of Bangalore was renamed Bengaluru in 2006, BWSSB has continued using Bangalore in its name Note 2: Million Litres per Day Note 3: Operation and Maintenance Note 4: Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

Project overview

Project owner: Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board
Location: T.K. Halli Water Treatment Plant
Description: Design and construction of a water treatment plant (capacity: 775 MLD)
Construction period: 30 months

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