Toshiba Johnson Elevator (India) establishes a Training Centre and Distribution Centre in India

Equipped with field engineer training, distribution and quality control and assurance facility

06 Jan 2019 - New Delhi - Toshiba Johnson Elevators (India) Pvt. Ltd. (TJEI) announces the opening of a Training Centre and Distribution Centre (TCDC), in India. The newly established facility is built in order to further enhance the competence and expertise of field engineer for elevator sales, installation and maintenance.

According to Mr. Junichi Kyushima, Managing Director - TJEI, "With the establishment of this new distribution centre, we will continue to focus on quality improvement activities and provide highly reliable products to the market, with safety and quality as our priority. We aim to further improve the efficiency of on-site work by advance stocking and assembling parts facilities."

In addition to educational facilities, TCDC will also have a storage area for elevator components that shall be used for elevators' installation and maintenance. Furthermore, TCDC will also function as a reliability centre equipped with various quality control facilities.

TJEI established TCDC with an aim to provide most advance engineering solutions and to continue to focus on the development of the human resources and ongoing investment for engineering facilities.

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