Toshiba Wins Major Order in India for Super-critical Steam Turbine and Generators

24 Feb 2014 - TOKYO - Toshiba Corporation (Tokyo: 6502) today announced that Toshiba JSW Power Systems Private Ltd. (Toshiba JSW), a Toshiba Group company based in Chennai, India has been awarded a contract by NTPC Limited, India's largest state-owned energy service provider, for the supply of two 800MW super-critical steam turbine and generator island packages for the Darlipali Super Thermal Power Station in Darlipali, Orissa state. The new steam turbines will enter operation by early 2018. Toshiba JSW will carry out engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of the complete steam turbine and generator island packages.

NTPC's evaluation reflects the high performance and the reliability of Toshiba's supercritical steam turbines and generators, and the company's capabilities in integrating engineering and manufacturing functions. Toshiba can provide customers with competitive EPC solutions, and the company believes it is an acknowledgement of Toshiba's excellent track record for successful completion of challenging projects around the world within contractual schedules.

In January 2014, Toshiba Corporation reinforced its thermal power generation business in India by integrating the engineering function of Toshiba India Pvt., Ltd. into Toshiba JSW Turbine and Generator Pvt., Ltd., a manufacturer of turbines and generators based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu state. The company, renamed Toshiba JSW, is positioned to provide full EPC solutions for thermal power plants, and is working to expand its business in India and the surrounding region.

Toshiba Group has extensive experience in the manufacture and delivery of supercritical steam turbine and generators in Japan and in overseas. In India, Toshiba Group is an undisputed market leader in supercritical steam turbines and generators in the 800MW category, having won orders for ten sets in all: five for Coastal Gujarat Power Limited, a subsidiary of Tata Power Company Limited, India's largest private sector power utility, for its Mundra UMPP in Gujarat, which are now in successful commercial operation; three for NTPC's Kudgi Super Thermal Power Project; and now two sets for the Darlipali Super Thermal Power Project. The company has also won an order for two 660MW supercritical steam turbine and generator island packages for Meja Thermal Power Project from Meja Urja Nigam Pvt. Ltd., a joint venture between NTPC and UPRVUNL.

Driven by strong economic growth, India's power generation equipment market is expected to see demand growth of more than 16,000MW a year in the decade from 2007 to 2017, according to Indian government's Eleventh (2007-2012) and Twelfth (2012-2017) Five-Year Plans. Coal-fired thermal power plants will account for over 60 percent of capacity growth, far surpassing other energy sources, and supercritical power plants will account for approximately 60 percent of thermal plants. The Indian government recognizes super-critical technology as a major tool for increasing generation capacity and efficiency while reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, and is strongly promoting adoption of the technology among India's utility companies. Rapid growth in power demand is also expected in neighboring countries.

Toshiba Corporation recently announced the opening of a new Global Engineering & Production Center at Toshiba Corporation's Keihin Product Operations, which will operate as a global hub for key engineering and manufacturing functions for Toshiba Group's energy-related business. Going forward, Toshiba Group will look to reinforce its market presence by making the best use of the Global Engineering & Production Center and the manufacturing and EPC capabilities of Toshiba JSW in India in markets around the world, including Asia, the Middle East and Africa, where demand for thermal power plants is strong.

*This technology is categorized as "Ultra-super Critical" according to the OECD unclassified document TAD/PG(2016)1 - Annex VI, which reflects sector understanding on export credits for coal-fired electricity generation projects agreed in November 2015. (Added on December 15, 2016)

Project Outline:

  1. Plant: Darlipali Super Thermal Power Station
  2. Client: NTPC Limited
  3. Location: Darlipali, Sundargarh, Orissa state, India.
  4. Scope: Two 800MW super-critical steam turbine and generator island packages