Toshiba Elevating Vertical Transportation in India for over a Decade

Toshiba entered the elevator and escalator business in 1966. Although a recent entrant in an already established market with dominant Japanese players, Toshiba quickly found footing as a renowned brand in the business. For many years, held the Guinness World Record for the fastest elevator in the world, installed in the TAIPEI 101 building in Taiwan. More recently, won a gold award at the if DESIGN AWARD for its FLOORNAVI destination control system, a system grounded in universal design that reduces elevator wait-time and increases overall ride comfort for everyone.

Expanding its geographical reach in Asia, Toshiba entered the Indian elevator market in 2011 with a vision of providing world-class, energy efficient and safe vertical transportation systems. Toshiba introduced a product line-up that offered high speed elevators for skyscrapers and premium high-rises, promising fast, safe and comfortable ride quality.

In 2012, Toshiba established joint business with Johnson Lifts, to form Toshiba Johnson Elevators India Private Limited (TJEI). TJEI has established a legacy of providing products that are high in quality, while earning themselves a zero-accident record in India. Sustainability being the top priority, many technology features that save power are now standard equipment on TJEI's elevators.

The Roadmap To Success

In just over a decade, TJEI achieved a phenomenal 6500-unit booking milestone. In the last 12 years, the company registered a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of over 10%. It further aims to achieve an annual booking target of 2000-unit per year by FY2025.

Today, TJEI has operations in 18 states in India with more than 300 renowned customers. Focusing on ‘Safety’ as the key parameter, TJEI has always offered best-in-class product along with a world-class service.

Mr. Katsuhiko Sato

Through our technical expertise and understanding of local demand, TJEI stands committed to providing safe, reliable, world- class vertical transportation solutions that turn on the promise of a new day in India. TJEI is building a sustainable future by focusing on developing products that support modern life and society and are in harmony with the environment. Harnessing the full range of Toshiba’s technological innovations, TJEI aims to enhance the delight of our Indian customers in our products and win their complete trust in Toshiba elevators.

Mr. Katsuhiko Sato
Managing Director
Toshiba Johnson Elevators India Private Limited

Toshiba has built a framework that encompasses all aspects of Toshiba’s elevators, from product and system development to production, installation, adjustment, maintenance, and services to provide its customers with the highest quality products and services. To augment installation and maintenance services, TJEI established a Training Center and Distribution Center (TCDC). It focuses on quality improvement activities and provides highly reliable products to the market, with safety and quality as top priority, and improve the efficiency of on-site work by advanced stocking and assembling parts facilities.

Distinguished Projects

Continuing its growth momentum, TJEI has established a foothold in 18 of India's major cities and is working with over 300 renowned customers across the country. Some of the noteworthy sites in India where Toshiba Elevators are installed include:

Integrating Sustainability In Future

Living up to Toshiba Group’s basic commitment, “Committed to People, Committed to the Future.”, TJEI has an unwavering drive to make and do things that lead to a better world. Through its knowledge and experience TJEI remains steadfast in developing sustainable vertical transportation infrastructure in India. TJEI is advancing the quest for carbon neutrality and resilient infrastructure, making full use of its strengths to deliver products and solutions that only Toshiba can.

Embracing digital transformation to accurately grasp the conditions of elevators at all times by means of remote monitoring and diagnosis terminals, Toshiba has developed a maintenance support system through the introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). It allows Toshiba to maintaining their elevators’ operational performance through conventional periodical inspection and its "Super TERM" (Toshiba Elevator Remote Maintenance) functions.

Toshiba's roots lie in building and maintaining the essential infrastructure that sustains society since its establishment almost 150 years ago, and it is still true today. Through its activities here in India, Toshiba is harnessing its knowledge and expertise to support the construction of infrastructure needed for sustainable urban development and economic growth, to turn on the promise of a new day.